What Is A Split System Air Conditioning and Why You Should Get One?

Ever since its invention, air conditioners have helped innumerable people to lead a comfortable life. Weather extremities are difficult to bear, thus, the usage of an air conditioner helps to overcome the difficulties caused by extreme weather conditions. If you cannot bear the intense heat of summer season, you understand how important it is to use an air conditioner. If you have been using a window AC all these years, you might consider getting an upgrade. As times pass by, people come up with newer inventions and more advanced technologies. A split system air conditioner is one such result of technological advancement. Window air conditioners have been largely used by people all over the world. As the name suggests, they are fitted on the windows of a house where the indoor part is facing to the interiors of the house while the outdoor part is facing outside to blow out air such as these split system units of daikin. Window ACs come as a whole in a single unit, which is why they are supposed to be placed on windows only. As they had limited usage i.e. to be installed in windows only, many people were facing a lot of difficulties. Understanding the problems of the consumers, air conditioning system companies came up with a novel idea of split system air conditioners. So, What Is A Split System Air Conditioning and Why You Should Get One?


In the split system air conditioner, the indoor unit and the outdoor unit are not combined together but they are split, as the name suggests. The indoor unit is installed on the wall near the area that needs to be cooled. Whereas, the outdoor unit is generally installed outside the place or at least the room where the indoor unit is placed. Most parts of an air conditioning system in split system ACs are contained in the outdoor unit. Thus, the indoor unit is compact in size and can be easily placed on the wall.


There are several advantages that you can expect from split system ACs as mentioned below:

1. Split ACs are easy to install and does not require a lot of hard work. If you compare it with installing a centralized air conditioning system, you would know that it is just a fraction of work that you would have to do with the centralized AC system. You would just have to install the outdoor unit in an appropriate place and connect it with the indoor unit through a pipe that will contain the copper tube and control wing can pass through.

2. A split AC is easier to operate than a window AC or a centralized AC. You can simply operate the AC with the help of a remote. If you are sitting on the couch and want to change the temperature of the AC system without having to get off the couch, the remote will help serve your purpose.

3. Split ACs look elegant and attractive as they are sleek in design. You would not find split ACs in huge sizes. They are generally in rectangular shape which looks presentable. They also blend well with the decor of your house.

4. One of the best things about split air conditioners is that they are easy to maintain. If you want to clean the indoor unit, you can simply take off the filters and clean them thoroughly for better performance. You may visit this page for cleaning tips.