Antivirus is a program created to prevent or avoid the activation of viruses, as well as their spread and contagion. It also has routines for stopping, deleting and rebuilding files and infected areas of the system.system.

An antivirus has three main functions and components:

VACCINE is a program that, installed resident in memory, acts as a “filter” of the programs that are executed, opened to be read or copied, in real time .
DETECTOR , which is the program that examines all the files on the disk or those that are indicated in a certain path or PATH. It has control instructionsandexact recognition of the viral codes that allow it to capture its pairs, duly registered and extremely quickly disarm its structure.
ELIMINATOR is the program that once the virus structure has been deactivated, proceeds to eliminate it and immediately afterwards to repair or rebuild the files and affected areas.
PER ANTIVIRUS ® fulfills these three functions very efficiently and also includes utilities that rebuild the Boot Sector, the Master Boot Record and the CMOS, as well as routines that allow images of these areas of the system to be recorded on a floppy disk, to be able to restore them later in case of disaster.